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“More Wedding Fun” (via BFK Photography)

"More Wedding Fun" Couldn't resist posting another shot from this wedding, I really enjoy the more laid back images that come after the ceremony and everyone has made it thru without falling apart, and there is no better way to portray that fun than a good B&W conversion. You can see the relief and joy in their faces as they work their way to the reception to visit with family and friends, I know that feeling because I felt the same way, it turned out to be a g … Read More

via BFK Photography


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“Beautiful Wildflowers” (via BFK Photography)

"Beautiful Wildflowers" As of this Saturday I will have done my third wedding in seven weeks with more to follow in the fall, I have also shot numerous portrait and other miscellaneous photographic work,¬† and I am really starting to miss what I first got into photography for and that was the nature side of it. I have actually enjoyed the portrait side of photography, except for the endless editing, but you just can't beat a cool spring morning hiking into¬† the wet green … Read More

via BFK Photography

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